IP Integration & Messaging

Nessecom Messaging and Integration
Nessecom IP Messaging and Integration
 NesseCom messaging and nurse call systems are designed to work either in conjunction with your existing nurse call system(s) or operate as a stand-alone, feature-rich system.

Your hospital or aged care facility can also receive customised software to integrate with your existing systems, including DECT, BMS, security, fire, paging, patient records and many more.

Interfaces are continually being requested and designed to help facilities get more from their current system and building infrastructure. NesseCom has trained integration specialists who can help your facility step through current system integration workflows to find the best outcome for your needs.

One of the key factors prohibiting facilities upgrading to new technology is the cost of new cable infrastructure. Up to 30 – 40% of the cost of most upgrades can be saved with the flexibility of the NesseCom architecture by reutilising existing cabling in a facility.

Nessecom messaging input/output gateways include:

  • DECT Phones- Nessecom is capable of being interfaced to most leading brand Dect phone systems including Cisco VOIP, Kirk, Phillips and spectra link.
  • SMS- Get critical messaging anywhere with the use of SMS messaging. This feature is essential for off-site staff to be able to receive critical messages at any time.
  • Email- This gateway is utilised for the delivery of auto call logging reports to staff and management.
  • Paging- Traditional paging is still widely used with pagers being a cheap and easy way for all staff to receive messaging.
  • LED displays- Nessecom is capable of sending messages out to Beta bright, Clift innovation and Austco displays. This allows facilities to get the most out of their existing hardware.
  • Activity boards- Nessecom Activity Boards are an effective way to show multiple alarms to staff at the same time. Alarms are stacked on the board in priority levels and able to be multiple colors. Alarm time duration is also shown to help staff priorities alarm responses.
  • Smart Devices- With the advent of the introduction of smart devices Nessecom is at the leading edge of incorporating smart devices such as phones, watches and tablets into delivering and receiving messages.
  • Generic gateways- No matter what the security system or fire system the Nessecom generic gateway is capable of receiving alarms and delivering to the right staff.
  • ICM- IP Control Modules are used to incorporate any analog alarms from air conditioning to BMS. These alarm modules can be incorporated into the facilities existing TCIP network or be a standalone network.
  • Cloud capable- Nessecom software is capable of being set up in the Cloud environment with security and reliability. With many facilities moving away from on-site servers, Nessecom is ready when you are for a virtual site.

With all these interfaces and more functionality in development, Nessecom offers the full suite of messaging needs for your facility. Please contact us for more information.