IP Nurse Call

IP Nurse Call by Nessecom

Affordable Nurse Call & Messaging

NesseCom has designed a true IP Nurse call system capable of either interfacing to the facility’s TCP/IP network or being stand alone on a local area network. Nessecom IP room controllers can be rack or wall mounted depending on your facility’s requirements. The IP room controllers are fault monitored and capable of giving live updates on call points and other auxiliary alarms. The Nessecom architecture is extremely flexible – it can use Nessecom call points or be interfaced to most existing call points and auxiliary equipment. The call logging platform is also capable of integrating with most existing nurse call systems. The call logging platform is able to give highly accurate customisable statistical and graphical information from individual or multiple wards. This enables management to monitor and then bench mark frequency of calls and response times within and between wards.

Current Nessecom interfaces for legacy nurse call systems include:

  • Austco Medicom series
  • Sedco 6000, Master controller and MCV5 series
  • Smartlink
  • Care Plus
  • Gladstone
  • Xacom
  • Questek

Nessecom software is able to seamlessly integrate with these systems giving facilities an affordable upgrade path or simply add extra capabilities to an existing system.

An activity monitor feature is also available allowing staff to view current calls on IP-networked TVs along with smart phones and tablets. Activity board monitors are used in conjunction with displays to view local nurse calls, remote ward alarms and 3rd party device alarms like Fire, Duress, and BMS.  

Alarm reports can then be easily generated via a password-protect web base portal or automatically delivered to key staff via the email gateway. The call logging server required to store the data is low cost with at least 5 years’ of records storage.

NesseCom specialises in designing client specific software to incorporate higher level nurse call and patient interaction functions between patient records, patient and asset tracking, duress, patient entertainment and other third party systems.

Nessecom systems have been deployed into many leading health care groups in Australia (Ramsay Heath, St Vincent’s Group, UC Health, SA Health and QLD Heath).