Nessecom Unique Benefits

Benefits of Nessecom

There are a range of benefits available for all users of the Nessecom system:

Benefits for engineers and facility managers


  • Meets AS3811 Nurse Call Australian standards
  • Integrates with existing systems to give a cost effective solution to upgrade or replace legacy systems
  • Multiple service agents can maintain and test the system
  • Easier to maintain and replace parts than traditional ‘monopoly’ systems
  • Can utilise facility’s existing cabling infrastructure
  • Capable of integrating other 3 rd party devices like BMS, Fire, Dect,, Paging, RTLS.

Benefits for nursing staff


  • Critical calls viewable from multiple locations (mounted displays, IP networked TVs, mobile and hand-held devices)
  • Nurses can prioritise calls and better respond where patients have access to tailored call options (nurse call, toilet assist, pain assist, medical device, food, water)
  • Reduces call alarm fatigue
  • Easy to use with minimal training
  • Auto reporting to key staff bringing customizable reports to the user

Benefits for managers, schedulers and decision-makers


  • Introduce new technology services without investing in expensive total system replacement
  • Minimise infectious control concerns by having patients bring their personal smart device
  • Highly accurate call logging data (call frequency and response times)
  • Automated reporting to inform staffing levels and staff proficiencies/skill sets
  • Up to five years of call logging records can be stored
  • Patient survey can be linked to the call logging platform to examine any correlations between call response times and patient satisfaction
  • Cost effective upgrade path
  • Wards are able to be upgraded while live with no costly down time

Benefits for patients

Patient benefits

  • Personalised connection to the hospital or facility with individualised information (via a web-based application)
  • Correct information on hospital procedures, length of recovery and medication
  • Appointment information and reminders
  • Dining menu and links to request dietary-specific meals
  • Health tracker which shares medication intake and rehabilitation information with the hospital once the patient has returned home