Critical Fire System for Holy Spirit Northside

Nessecom Emergency system displaying fire, emergency, and blood fridge

Nessecom News release September 2016.

Nessecom Activity Board solution helps Holy Spirt Northside with critical fire system messaging


Holy spirt Northside (part of the St Vincent’s group) has further utilised their Nessecom messaging platform to help get critical fire messages out to key staff and wards. Nessecom messaging was installed three years ago to handle Holy Spirit Northside’s nurse call logging and legacy nurse call upgrade requirements.

The Nessecom platform is now being expanded to handle the delivery of fire alarm and other critical messages to wards and key staff via activity boards. The activity boards installed throughout the hospital will display exact fire zone locations allowing staff to make informed critical decisions during fire alarms. In ward locations the activity boards will also display local nurse call alarms and other 3rd party alarms including blood fridges, door alarms and much more.

The activity boards (as seen above) can display multiple alarms at the same time, prioritise alarms, and show alarm time durations. Activity boards are fully customisable with over 32 selectable colours for alarms and general messages. Activity boards can be displayed from as big as 80 inch monitors down to a standard smart phone.

For more information regarding the critical system messaging, please contact our sales team.